Last updated on 10. September 2019.

Reverse links are the most important part of the SEO game. If you have a blog or a website, you need more and more backlinks to review your blog. More backlinks means better rating, and this is one of the most important off-page SEO factors you need to focus on.

But how do you track and trace your reactions? Here are some free backlink control tools for your website that you can use to find backlinks that refer to your website.

Free backlink checker on your website


Ahrefs is a well-known SEO and SEM tool, very popular among webmasters and marketers. Their database contains millions of backlinks and they actively search the internet for new links and pages. They also have a backlink verification tool that’s really great.

This tool is suitable for those who need to keep their backlinks up to date as well as for those who want to know if there are any toxic backlinks referring to your website. Toxic links are harmful to your SEO and should be removed. We have an article that describes how to find and remove toxic backlinks.


As already mentioned, the tool has many functions. Even more important is that the number of reference domains is displayed on your blog. It also indicates the number of return links to your blog. At the same time it displays the domain score and the Ahrefs score.

You can also get traffic estimates and anchor texts used to link to your website or blog.

Half Thrush

Semrush is also an SEO/SEM tool. You have an SEM tool that is known by reputable companies and known by millions of webmasters and marketers. They have an excellent backlink verification tool that can be used for free.

One thing that makes Semrush a great tool is that it allows you to browse the internet, so they have millions of links in their database. This means that they contain complete information about your website and the websites linked to it.


Just like the Ahrefs tool, the Semrush backlink checker has many functions, for example B.

Indicates the authority of the reference area

Shows an in-depth link analysis

Checks and displays backlight types

Shows the geolocation of the feedback.

Free backlink checker on your website

They must be connected to use Backlink-Checker, but that’s fine, because they have a free plan with handicaps, but Backlink-Checker is free to use.

Nile PatelTool for checking the rear connection

Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketing specialist and a renowned consultant for large companies.  He’s also influential, he’s an SEO expert. It also has a backlink checker, which is part of the famous SEO tool and MEB Ubersuggest.


  • The Nile-Backlink Checker has a number of functions, such as
  • Domain evaluation
  • Number of backlinks
  • Reference area
  • Organic traffic
  • related URLs
  • Evaluation of the domain of the link URL
  • Show link pages
  • Displays anchor text
  • Show me the first and last thing you saw.


Hot is an SEO agency that has been around for a while. You must have seen them in the network marketing department. Hoth also has a backlink verification tool. Your backlink verification tool works on AHREF and is quite basic in nature.


They show the limitations and the information available through the link control tool. That’s clearly why they’re last on the list.


Here are some tools at your disposal to monitor and control your backlinks to ensure the success of your SEO tools We will continue to add additional tools as they become available. Visit this page regularly.

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